Classic Jamaican! Breakfast or any time is good


avocados , ripe plantain, pineapple juice, breadfruit, ackee and saltfish.

Mushroom risotto (vegetarian)

Wow, Rice! who knew, edible walls and all. thanks for sharing this

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Don’t know if many of you ever stumbled upon an interesting fact on rice, but I watched the other day a whole documentary on it and was fascinated with the story. Rice has been known for 4500 years and it is the oldest known food that is still consumed today. All the way from China where it originated it spread over India and Sri Lanka. It didn’t take long until it traveled to Europe, Greece to be exact and Mediterranean. The reason behind it is that the rice grain can grow almost anywhere due to its versatility, it can even grow in the desert conditions. There are approximately 40000 varieties of rice and there are products like wine, vinegar, beer and sake made from it. The most interesting fact is that Chinese Ming dynasty even used rice in building of the Nanjing city walls, where it was giving stability and strength…

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Recipe on Wednesday: Vegetarian Spaghetti.

excellent! I had no idea there was a recipe APP! what a novel idea 🙂

Hey there! I’m back with a new life update and recipe. I have recently been influenced to try to eat less meat. At first I would joke about it and basically looked at you like “HELLO you’re crazy”, but I actually do think it’s a good idea. I don’t think cutting it out of your diet completely, but having meat once a week I feel like is better for you then consuming it all the time. And hey…if your not open to it that’s fine..I’m just cluing you in on what I decided to try.  So thank goodness for the iPhone TASTY APP. I find amazing recipes right at my fingertips with grocery lists already displayed for what I have to get. They have vegetarian options always so that’s really nice. I recommend this app for anyone that likes to cook and try new things. I’ve used it only twice…

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